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Bath, Pool, & Spa Lifts
Bath, Pool, and Spa Lifts

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Whether you need a lift for your home bathtub or your church, school, or other facility's swimming pool or spa; 101 Mobility has you covered.

Our lifts are all designed to handle the most rigorous uses, and are proudly made right here in the USA. We have lifts as well as lifting and mobility accessories for virtually any possible use in the water.

Call us today, and let us help make life completely mobile!

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Harmar P300 Pool Lift Harmar P350 Pool Lift
Harmar P300 Pool LIft Harmar P350 Pool Lift
Aqua Creek Pro Pool Lift Aqua Creek EZ Pool Lift
Aqua Creek Pro Pool Lift Aqua Creek EZ Pool Lift
Aqua Creek Revolution Lift Aqua Creek Pro Spa Lift
Aqua Creek Revolution Lift Aqua Creek Pro Spa Lift
Sterling Minivator Bath Lift  
Sterling Minivator Bath Lift  

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Pool Lifts by Harmar

Our line of Harmar pool lifts boasts an impressive list of features including 350 lb (P300, P350) and 400 lb. weight capacities (P400). All Harmar Lifts meet or exceed ADA requirements providing you only the safest access to your home or facility's water resources.

Our line of Harmar Pool Lifts includes:

P300, P350 & P400 Pool Lifts

  • Meets & Exceeds ADA Compliance specifications
  • Sealed hand control
  • Seating is fully submersible
  • Folding arms & foot plate
  • Constructed of durable stainless steel
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Wall mounted charger with hanger
Aqua Creek Revolution

The Aqua Creek Revolution pool lift can be used for both in ground and above ground pools and spas. It features dual flip-up arms, an adjustable lap belt, and a removable, adjustable footrest. The 360 degree power rotation in both directions makes this pool lift one of the easiest to use on the market today. The Revolution pool lift can clear a 30” high wall and the stainless steel construction with epoxy powder coating makes it ideal for long term use.

Additional features include:

  • 500 lbs (227 kg) weight capacity
  • Set back ranges from 10 to 40 inch (25 cm to 101 cm)
  • Ability to service multiple pools and spas in close proximity
  • 24-volt rechargeable battery operation
  • 5 year structural and 5 year pro-rated electronic warranty
  • Ships via common carrier @ 335 lbs
Aqua Creek Pro Pool Lift

Specifically designed for handicap use, the Aqua Creek Pro Pool Lift is used for aquatic therapy in both commercial and residential settings. This ADA compliant pool lift is popular because of its low profile design that does not intrude into the pool when not in use. The Pro Pool Lift also comes with an adjustable lap belt and foot rests and dual flip-up arm rests.

Additional features include:

  • 450 lbs (204 kg) weight capacity
  • All stainless steel construction
  • White epoxy powder coating
  • Set back ranges from 4” to 14” (10 cm to 35.5 cm)
  • 24-volt rechargeable battery operation
  • Limited lifetime structural warranty
  • 5 year pro-rated electronics warranty
Aqua Creek EZ Pool Lift

With stainless steel construction and an UV resistant, epoxy powder coated finish that is resistant to corrosion, the Aqua Creek EZ Pool Lift is designed for durability and long term use. This manually operated lift can clear pool wall heights up to 26”, has a lifting capacity up to 400 pounds, and can rotate 360 degrees. The EZ Pool Lift also comes with adjustable chains and a durable mesh sling seat.

Additional features include:

  • Manual hydraulically actuated ram
  • Concrete imbedded anchor system
  • Easily portable for storage
  • Limited lifetime structural warranty
  • 5 year pro-rated electronics warranty
  • Ships in two boxes via UPS 70 lbs
Aqua Creek Pro Spa Lift

If you have a home hot tub, Jacuzzi or spa and are in need of a lift for access, the Aqua Creek Pro Spa Lift is for you. This lift is designed for home use and can clear a 40” high by 14” wide wall. The Pro Spa Lift rotates 360 degrees and comes with dual flip-up arm rests, a flip-up foot rest, adjustable lap belt, and submergible remote control. Designed for long term use, this spa lift is made from stainless steel and features a durable epoxy powder coated finish.

Additional features include:

  • 400lb (181kg) lifting capacity
  • Rechargeable 24-volt battery
  • Wall mounted battery charger
  • Limited 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Ships fully assembled via common carrier
  • Approximate shipping weight is 265 lbs. (120 kgs)
Sterling Minivator Bath Lift

Enter or exit your bathtub at any time during your bath with this innovative bath accessory. The Minivator Bath Lift raises and lowers with ease allowing you to enter or exit the bath as needed. When at its full height, the Minivator is level with your bathtub’s walls allowing you to sit on the Minivator and move your feet and legs over the tub’s edge into the tub. No need to wait for the water to drain after your bath is over, simply raise the Minivator Bath Lift and exit the bath as needed.

Remove this bath lift when not in use to allow other household members access to the tub. Other features of the Minivator Bath Lift include a reclining back for the comfort and relaxation of the bather, a waterproof, rechargeable handset, an anti-slip seat, and a 287 pound lifting capacity.

Aqua Creek Revolution
  • F-700RLAP - Revolution Lift™ Upgrade Package - Call for Details
  • F-710RLA - Revolution Lift™ Anchor System (500 lb capacity)
  • F-720RLC - Revolution Lift™ Cover
  • F-423CS - Chest Strap
  • F-134HDS - Heavy Duty 24" Wide Seat (400 lb capacity)
  • F-722HRR - Headrest
  • F-706RLSS - Sling Option (includes Super Duty Sling)
  • F-037XXLS – Sling Only, Super Duty (500 lb capacity)
  • F-734RSA - Spineboard Attachment
  • F-730RSA - Stretcher/Gurney Assembly
  • F-705 - Wheelchair Picker Option (includes 22" wheelchair)
  • F-714RTC - Transport Cart
  • F-019CA - Cycle Attachment
Aqua Creek Pro Pool Lift
  • F-004PLBAP - Pro Pool Lift™ Upgrade Kit - Details
  • F-433PP4A - Pro Pool Lift™ Additional Preset Anchor
  • F-422PLH - Pro Pool Lift™ Headrest
  • F-442PPC - Pro Pool Lift™ Safety Cover
  • F-40220 - Pro Pool Lift™ Wood Deck Anchor
  • F-004AB - 24V Additional Battery
  • F-044CH - 24V Battery Charger
  • F-423CS - Chest Straps
  • F-100JH - Handset Remote
  • F-444PPPC - Portable Pro Pool Lift Cover
  • F-004PPPBAP - Portable Pro Pool Lift Upgrade Accessory Kit
  • F-046QAB - Quick Set Anchor Kit
Aqua Creek EZ Pool Lift
  • F-03EZPLAP - Upgrade Package - Call for Details
  • F-033EZA - Additional Anchor
  • F-34EZCS - Sling, Youth (34"x18" Sling Only)
  • F-037EZLS - Sling, Extra Length (50"x20" Sling Only)
  • F-034EZS - Sling, Additional, Adult (38"x20" Sling Only)
  • F-360YSLSB - Sling with Seat Belt, Youth (34"x18" Sling Only) NEW
  • F-350SLSB - Sling with Seat Belt, Adult (38"x20" Sling Only) (c) NEW
  • F-36RSS - Sling with Rigid Seat & Seat Belt (38"x20" Sling Only) NEW
  • F-031473EZ - Extended Anchor Arm
  • F-0320HSO - Hard Seat
  • F-035EZSM - Surface Mount Anchor
  • F-30600 - Wood Deck Anchor
  • F-440EZHSC Cover for EZ/Power EZ w/Hard Seat Option
  • F-30220 10" Deep anchor
  • F-440EZC - Protective Cover
Aqua Creek Pro Spa Lift
  • F-005SLBAP - Pro Spa Upgrade Kit - Call for Details
  • F-423CS - Chest Straps
  • F-422PLH - Headrest
  • F-445SLC - Protective Cover
  • F-106SLWDP - Wood Deck Anchor System

Aqua Creek Revolution

Aqua Creek Pro Pool Lift

Aqua Creek EZ Pool Lift

Aqua Creek Pro Spa Lift

Q: Does my pool need a pool lift?
A: Any commercial pool with 300 linear feet or more needs two means of access. Any commercial pool with less than 300 linear feet needs one access point.

Q: What is a commercial pool?
A: Any pool that is open to the public at any time, receives government funding, or receives revenue from the pool such as membership dues.

Q: What is a point of access?
A: A point of access MUST be either a pool lift or sloped entry.

Q: Does my spa, wave action pool, leisure river, wading pool or sand bottom pool need a pool lift?
A: They all need one access point. A wading pool must have a sloped entry. A spa must have a pool lift, transfer wall or transfer system.

Q: How do I know if my pool lift is ADA compliant?
A: Here are some basics to check on your lift.
1. Lift must have a capacity of 300 lbs or more.
2. Lift must have a solid seat and a footrest. Sling seat styles are not compliant and should be replaced.
3. Lift must be self operable from the deck and the water. A lift with manual rotate or hand crank is not compliant and should be replaced.

There are also specific requirements for clear deck space and water depths. Contact us at 1-888-249-3092 for more information. Always check your local codes for any additional requirements.

Click here to download full ADA specs.

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