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Open Sesame! Automatic door openers are ideal for businesses, schools, hospitals, public facilities, and even residential applications. We carry the Open Sesame automatic door opener in addition to a wide range of mobility and accessibility products to provide our customers with added convenience.

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Open Sesame Door Opening Systems

Tired of always having to wait for someone to open the door? Frustrated with the hassle of trying to get your scooter or wheelchair through the door? Stop fiddling with the door and open yourself up to a world of ease with the Open Sesame automatic door opener.

With just the touch of a button, the Open Sesame automatic door opener provides you the independence and easy access you have been looking for. Ideal for both residential and light commercial use, this automatic door unlatches a locked door, opens it, keeps it open for you to pass through and then closes it again automatically.

The Open Sesame automatic door can be used on a public access/light commercial door, elevator, lift or gate. Operated by remote control, it is easy to use and the controls can be mounted on a wheelchair, wall push pad or other specialty controls can be customized to meet any physical disability need.

Installation is quick and easy, generally taking less than 2 hours. The Open Sesame automatic door opener is a low voltage device that does not require an electrician for installation. So easy to install, all you need to do is plug in the 24 volt AC adapter to a wall outlet within 30 feet of the door, plug in the door opener to the wall mounted junction box, and the Open Sesame automatic door opener is ready for use.

These professional grade door opener systems are top quality and hand assembled by craftsman who inspect and test each system thoroughly. Only after they are satisfied that each Open Sesame automatic door opener is in perfect working order will they ship it out for installation.

Remote control operated and easy to use, the Open Sesame door opener can be activated from anywhere in the home. It can be activated with a finger, your palm or the side of your hand making it easy for anyone to use.

You will find the Open Sesame automatic door opener is your easy entry to independent living.

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Door Opener FAQ
  • Q: Will people that don't have a remote control be able to operate the door?
    A: Yes, the door operates normally when manually used.
  • Q: Will the system (home access system) release a locked door?
    A: Yes, the electric strike plate releases the door latch, allowing you to automatically open the door while it is locked.
  • Q: Will I be stuck in or out if the power goes out?
    A: No. The Open Sesame door operator has an internal 12vdc lead acid battery, that will operate the unit for a day under loss of power. The battery is kept constantly charged while the power is on.
  • Q: Do I need a contractor to do the wiring?
    A: No. The Open Sesame is a low voltage device. A 24vac transformer plugs into the wall to keep the internal battery charged. It can be installed easily and safely by anyone with handyman skills.
  • Q: Do I need an electrical outlet close to the door?
    A: We include 30 feet of cable with the system, which should be long enough to reach your nearest outlet.
  • Q: I understand the Open Sesame systems use batteries. Do they need to be changed frequently?
    A: The door operator contains a 12v, 1.2 Ampere-hour lead acid battery. This is what actually runs the system. Is a type sometimes used in alarm systems. It should last at least 3 years. The remote control batteries are alkaline type that can be found at radio shack, or a drug store camera department. They should last around a year.
  • Q: Do I need a new door?
    A: Usually no. Open Sesame will work with most doors. The important point is that the door must be neutral in it's movement - aligned and hung properly, and not warped. In addition, there must be no rubbing or binding of the door in the frame when closing.
  • Q: Do I need a new lockset?
    A: No, you can use your existing lockset and keys. But we recommend that you have the type of lockset with an inside handle that can be turned while the door is locked. This will prevent the door from accidentally being left unlocked when someone manually opens the door to leave. Also, it is better to have a door latch with no half-round security pin.
  • Q: Will the strike plate compromise the security of my door and lock?
    A: The electric strike supplied is a high quality, commercial grade strike. It is very safe and secure, and is rated at 2400 pounds static strength.
  • Q: How long does it take to install a system (home access system)?
    A: About 2 hours.
  • Q: What do I have to do if I have a storm or security door?
    A: The unit can be used on a storm or security door. Contact us to talk about your specific application.
  • Q: What is the range of the remote controls?
    A: The remote controls are manufactured by a big name company that manufactures garage door openers - Liftmaster. The range is typically 100', but in some cases can be reduced to 30' with certain kinds of wall construction.
  • Q: If I give my attendant a combination to open my door (referring to use of the 4-digit code keyless entry pad), is it a big job to change the combination?
    A: No, changing the code is easy and takes just seconds.
  • Q: How long does the door stay open after opening to allow me to pass through?
    A: The delay time after opening is user adjustable from 5-50 seconds.
  • Q: Can I leave the door open?
    A: Yes, after activating the door operator by pushing the remote control button once, simply push the button again to stop the door at the desired angle. It will stay there (although it is free to move) until the button is pushed a third time, which closes the door.
  • Q: What happens if the door closes while someone is in the way?
    A: When the door hits an obstruction while opening or closing, it will pause for several seconds (the same time period as the door hold open time), then try again to close. It will repeat this action until the obstruction is removed.
  • Q: What is the difference between a home access system and a public access/light commercial* system?
    A: The door operators in these two systems operate identically when triggered by remote control. The difference is in manual operation. In home access, the door is free swinging when manually opened. With a public access/light commercial* system, the door acts like it has a door closer on it when it is manually opened. This is similar in action to what might be found in commercial restroom doors. The door resists opening slightly, and when the door is released, it closes behind you automatically.

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