Home Modifications

According to AARP, aging-in-place is popularized by approximately 90% of Americans and barrier-free living is in high-style! At 101 Mobility, we have local service technicians and craftsmen available to give you or a loved one improved mobility.

101 Mobility is your local one-stop-shop for all things mobility and accessibility. Our team offers professional product installations, services, and more. Call us today to inquire about home modifications.

Home Modifications

Before and After photos of bathroom remodeling by 101 Mobility

Aging in Place with Home Modifications from 101 Mobility

101 Mobility is the trusted, experienced, and knowledgeable source for homeowners who are aging in place with quality mobility products. Homeowners across the country turn to us as a resource for the equipment, installation, and home modifications needed to ensure they can live the independent lifestyle they desire. We carry a wide variety of mobility products including stair lifts, vertical lifts, scooters, barrier-free baths and showers, walk-in tubs, and more. Everything you need for accessibility, mobility, and independent living can be found with 101 Mobility. Often times those who are aging in place realize that some home modifications are needed to make their homes more efficient. The team at 101 Mobility is here to help you with that transition. We understand that certain elements of your own home can serve as a barrier to total mobility and accessibility. Our team of craftsmen and installers can remodel bathrooms, kitchens, walkways, porches, decks or any area of your home to provide complete barrier-free access.

If you have a power mobility device, such as a power chair or scooter, that greatly enhances your mobility, you may have found there are areas of your home that are difficult to maneuver around. Let 101 Mobility come up with a home modification plan to redesign those areas that inhibit maneuverability. We develop and implement home modification plans to create an environment of absolute freedom and mobility.

For many homeowners who are aging in place, the bathroom is the first place in the home that needs to be addressed. Concerns about slips and falls are real and should not be overlooked. At 101 Mobility, we carry a wide range of bath safety products including grab bars, barrier-free baths and showers, walk-in tubs, and more. We can help you make your bathroom one of the safest places in your home.

Aging in place is often the best choice for the whole family. It can be less expensive than moving to an assisted living facility and it keeps you in the home you know and love. With a few simple and affordable home modifications, you can live an independent and active life in your current home. Contact us today, and together we can evaluate your personal needs, showing you exactly why we are truly your one source for all things mobility and accessibility.

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