Patient Lifts

Hoyer Lifts by Liko, Romedic, and Pride.

Bedside lifts, transport lifts, slings, accessories, and much more.

Our patient lifts and slings make transfers safe and simple. 101 Mobility is proud to bring patient lifts to nursing homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and more.

Lifts can also be installed in your home to improve your accessibility in and out of bed, the pool, the bath, and more. Our team of factory-certified service technicians can help with all of your patient transfer needs. Call 101 Mobility today to find out more!

SystemRoMedic™ Patient Lifts & Slings

101 Mobility offers the finest in patient care with our line of Romedic Patient Lifts. From ceiling lifts, mobile lifts, and accessories to lift chairs and slings, we have the product you need to safely move your patient or loved one, while helping to keep you injury-free as you assist with transfer.

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Liko Patient Slings & Lifts

Our large variety of patient slings and lifts is designed to address all patient transport needs. Choose from our wide selection that includes compact, lightweight mobile lifts, high-capacity overhead systems and the industry’s most extensive line of slings and lifting accessories.

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HumanCare Patient Lifts

Need to safely move a patient or loved one? Human Care manufactures plenty of products to make your job easier: ceiling lifts, mobile lifts, slings, and more. At 101 Mobility, we know Human Care offers some of the finest devices to keep your transfers simple, risk-free, and comfortable.

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Milford Person Lift

The Milford Person Lift is a quality patient lift designed to help wheelchair users safely get into and out of their mobility device. Built with comfort and durability in mind, the Milford Person Lift gently transports users at the push of a button. A professional installation is offered on either side of your car for simple transfers into and out of your vehicle!

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