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At 101 Mobility, we strive for excellence in mobility solutions. If your need is temporary or if you’re working with a budget, consider renting one of our products for your convenience.

From premium stair lifts and auto lifts to durable wheelchair ramps and patient lifts, a mobility solution is available to rent. Our team is here to help you choose the type and model of mobility solution that best suits your individual needs.

101 Mobility Rental Programs

101 Mobility is your partner is both long term and short term mobility solutions. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones be as comfortable as possible at home, providing the mobility and independence you both desire. Our Rental Programs are designed to be flexible and to provide the solutions you need to make everyday living enjoyable. With 101 Mobility, you can enjoy our:

  • Ramp Rentals. Our wheelchair and scooter ramp rentals offer the short-term solution you need for temporary access in and out of your home. We offer a wide variety of high quality ramp rentals from folding portable ramps to modular aluminum ramps with no impact supports. Your local 101 Mobility professional can help you find the perfect ramp rental for your needs. Click here for more information on ramp rentals
  • Stairlift Rentals. Accommodating the needs of a loved one when they are staying with you is vitally important. Preventing falls down stairs is easy with our Stairlift Rental program. Our wide selection of Stairlift rentals make it easy to find the perfect stairlift to meet your needs and budget. Click here for more information on stairlifts
  • Vertical Lift Rentals. Yes, you can rent vertical lifts for your home from 101 Mobility! Our Vertical Lift rentals are designed to offer an affordable solution for your temporary lift needs. We have a wide variety of durable, top quality exterior and interior vertical lifts available for rent. Click here for more information on vertical lifts
For more information on any of our rental programs, please contact your local 101 Mobility location.

All Rental Products Subject to Availability.

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