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Power Scooters
Power Scooters

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Each product is designed for maximum strength and lightest possible weight, with user-friendly positioning and control features that make operation easy and intuitive. We are equally passionate about products that ensure comfortable, personal fit and safety for long-duration indoor and outdoor activities.

Below are some of the many scooters that we offer. Contact us for information on additional models.

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ActiveCare 1410 ActiveCare 2310
Drive–ActiveCare 1410 Drive–ActiveCare 2310
ActiveCare 3410 ActiveCare 4410
Drive–ActiveCare 3410 Drive–ActiveCare 4410
Golden Avenger Golden Buzzaround XL
Golden Avenger Golden Buzzaround XL
Golden Companion Golden Companion 2
Golden Companion Golden Companion 2

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Drive–ActiveCare 1410

The Spitfire 1410 scooter is a 4 wheel scooter designed to provide comfort, safety, and performance. It features flip-up armrests with adjustable width and angle, a 17” swivel seat with fold-down padded back rest, and an adjustable tiller with finger tip controls all for your comfort. Safety features include anti-tip, flat-free, non-marking wheels. The Drive–ActiveCare 1410 power scooter offers a 9 mile range and adjustable speed up to 5 mph. Available in Metallic Red or Blue. Disassembles without tools into 5 pieces. Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds.

Drive–ActiveCare 2310

The Drive–ActiveCare Pilot 2310 is loaded with standard features making it one of the most sought after power scooters on the market today. This 3 wheel scooter comes with 3 seat choices: the full back Captain’s seat, the low back Captain’s seat, and the scooter seat. This power scooter has a maximum range of 22 miles and a max speed of 6 mph with flat free, foam filled, anti-tip tires. For your comfort, the Drive–ActiveCare 2310 comes with an adjustable angle, Delta tiller, swivel seat with adjustable height, and removable flip-up armrests with adjustable height, width, and angle. Safety is important too. This power scooter comes with headlight, horn, turn signals, and dual review mirrors. Available in Burgundy and Blue. Maximum weight capacity: 350 pounds.

Drive–ActiveCare 3410

This 4 wheel scooter is designed for outdoor use! The Drive–ActiveCare 3410 has high ground clearance, 23 mile maximum range, and adjustable speed up to 7 mph making it ideal for getting out and about. Comfort is built in with the adjustable Delta tiller, front and rear suspension, removable, flip-up armrests with adjustable height, width, and angles, and swivel, height adjustable, and reclining seat. Safety is a key factor with any power scooter and the Drive–ActiveCare 3410 is loaded with safety features including anti-tip wheels, headlight, horn, turn signals, and dual mirrors. This power scooter is available in Metallic Gray and has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.

Drive–ActiveCare 4410

The Drive–ActiveCare Osprey 4410 comes loaded with features that make this power scooter ideal for outdoor travel. Enjoy the high ground clearance, pneumatic tires, 38 mile range, and maximum speed of 9 mph when on outings. Safety hasn’t been overlooked. The Osprey 4410 comes with anti-tip wheels, horn, headlights, turn signals, and dual rearview mirrors. With an adjustable Delta tiller, front and rear suspension, adjustable height, swivel Captain’s seat with fold-down back and adjustable height headrest, and flip-up armrests with adjust height and width, you are sure to have a comfortable ride each and every time. The Drive–ActiveCare 4410 comes in Metallic Gray and has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds.

Golden Technologies Avenger

Enjoy outings with the Golden Avenger power scooter. This luxurious 4 wheel scooter offers excellent ground clearance, pneumatic tires, 18 mile range, and a maximum speed of 7 mph. The extra long arm rests, countered backed Captain’s seat, and adjustable head rest all combine to offer a comfortable ride. The Golden Avenger power scooter has 4-way flashers, a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, and a removable basket. Available in Silver or Red with Charcoal vinyl seat.

Golden Technologies Buzzaround XL

Get out and about with the Golden Buzzaround XL. This 3 wheel power scooter is designed for easy use. It disassembles into 5 pieces in just 3 easy steps with completely wireless disassembly! The Buzzaround XL has a maximum speed of 4.5 mph and an operating range of 5.5 miles. This power scooter features a Delta tiller, on tiller charging port, auto grade cut pile carpet, and tiller mounted basket. The Buzzaround XL has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and is available in Red or Blue with a Black vinyl seat.

Golden Technologies Companion
  • Under-carpet troubleshooting guide
  • Delta tiller standard
  • LiquiCell comfort equipped seat standard with padded, adjustable armrests
  • Auto lock tiller pin
  • EZ Reach tiller adjustment lever on the infinitely adjustable tiller
  • Slide seat mechanism standard
  • Adjustable LED headlight
  • Bright tail lights
  • Easy to read control panel
  • Enhanced tiller design
  • Foldable stadium seat
  • Removable shopping basket with handle
  • LOTS of leg room and foot room
  • Black, non-scuffing, high profile tires on strong steel rims
  • Convenient, on tiller charging port
  • Washable, automobile-style carpet

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