Stair Lift Rental

Here at 101 Mobility, we are proud to be a provider of premium stair lifts from the best brands in the industry. With a devotion to safe, durable, and reliable products, our stair lift rentals are no different. 101 Mobility has a stair lift rental option for your straight indoor or outdoor staircase, so you’re certain to find one that fits your daily routine.

Our team of experts is here to help you choose the stair lift model that best suits your accessibility needs.


Stair Lift Rental

The 101 Mobility Stairlift Rental Program provides families with an affordable solution that prevents falls, increases mobility and makes it easier to spend time with loved ones at home. With our Stairlift Rental Program, there is now a solution for those who need a chairlift at their home on a temporary basis without the commitment of purchasing a permanent unit. Our Stairlift Rental Program is ideal for those who are having a loved one stay with them for an extended visit, or for those who require temporary access to the second floor via a chairlift.

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  • Renting a stair lift can often save over buying. Find out which is right for you when you talk to your local 101 Mobility professional.
  • Residential and commercial stair lift rentals available.
  • Your stair lift rental will be installed by the trained, professional installers from 101 Mobility.*
  • Ask us how to turn your long term stair lift rental into a purchase!
  • We have top quality stair lifts available from Bruno and Sterling.
For more information about all of our stairlift rental options, please contact your local 101 Mobility professional today.

All rental products subject to availability.

Top Questions

Stair lifts are ideal for those who may be able to stand but face difficulty climbing the stairs. Whether your staircase is a straight, curved, indoor or outdoor, our team will help you find the appropriate lift solution for your or a loved one’s lifestyle while meeting any necessary property requirements.

Call us and we'll schedule a free evaluation and talk with you about your specific needs. We will help determine what lift is right for you, take measurements, and install for you!

  • Straight Rail: A straight rail lift is ideal for steps or traditionally straight staircases. Our skilled technicians may combine two sets for easy and safe passage up the stairs for years to come.
  • Curved Rail: Allow us to custom build a lift for your elegantly curved stairway. Curved staircases or several straight staircases connected by landings usually require a curved rail stair lift installation.
  • Outdoor: Worried about your loved one slipping on slick outdoor steps? Outdoor lifts are ideal for safely getting users up raised landings, straight or curved stairways, porches, and decks outside the home.
  • Incline Platform Lift for Stairs: Take the stairs without leaving your wheelchair! Incline lifts conveniently allow users to roll onto a platform and travel up or down the stairways natural incline at the push of a button.
  • Porch Lifts: Also called a vertical platform lift, porch lifts allow users to safely reach their decks or porches. Porch lifts carry users directly above or below and are often recommended as space-saving accessibility solutions.

From your first call to evaluation, installation, and warrantied product maintenance, 101 Mobility is with you every step of the way. During your free evaluation, a factory certified service technician will talk to you about your specific needs, assess your stairway, and take detailed measurements. You will receive a written cost estimate along with information on what to expect during the installation. 101 Mobility is available any time you have questions and concerns.

Our lifts come with feet that are attached to the rail and screwed into stairway floor for ultimate stability. 101 Mobility’s skilled service technicians can install your stair lift on numerous staircase surfaces such as carpet, hardwoods, concrete, and even tile or marble with special consideration and hardware.

A professionally installed stairlift can cost about $3,000 to $5,000—that’s about the average monthly cost of assisted living.

The cost may vary depending on the brand and specific features needed. For example, some custom curve rail configurations can cost up to $12,000. For short-term mobility needs, renting a stairlift may be a more cost-effective solution for you or your family.

If you need help paying for your stairlift, there are grants and organizations that can offer assistance if you qualify. Check out pages 4-6 of our guide for more info on various programs and how you can cut costs when purchasing a stairlift.

Absolutely – we realize that your mobility needs can sometimes be temporary. 101 Mobility offers competitive rental options, and you can even rent with the option to purchase later on. Learn more about our stairlift rental offerings, and give us a call today at 1.888.258.0652 to schedule a free evaluation and quote.

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