Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts for SUV

Take control of the streets with one of 101 Mobility’s auto lifts! With both Bruno and Harmar models available, 101 Mobility has the right product for your needs. You can easily transport your powerchair or scooter with your SUV anywhere you go.

With these easy to operate lifts, mobility could be just a button push away. Call 101 Mobility today to find out more!

SUV Auto Lifts by Harmar and Bruno

The selection of high quality auto lifts continues with our available SUV auto lifts from Bruno and Harmar. We offer a full complement of auto lifts designed to transport your scooter or powerchair inside your SUV or on an exterior platform. All of these easy to use auto lifts are operated with just the push of a button automatically securing your unoccupied scooter or powerchair when raised. For assistance choosing the auto lift that is the best fit for your needs and your vehicle, contact your local 101 Mobility location.

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Bruno VSL 6000 Curbsider
  • The Bruno VSL 6000 Curbsider auto lift can load your scooter or wheelchair from the bumper or curbside for added convenience.
  • Loading is extremely easy with the power rotation and raise/lower functionality of the Curbsider auto lift.
  • The VSL 6000 Curbsider has a lifting capacity of 400 pounds (181 kg).
  • Superior design features include compact design that takes up minimal space, a scratch resistant finish, and a fold down lift head that allows for partial 3rd row seating or cargo space.
  • Improved Direct Gear Drive Technology means you get virtually maintenance free operation.
  • The Bruno VSL 6000 Crubsider is eligible for reimbursement under the terms of Mobility Programs offered by most major auto manufacturers.
Bruno ASL 250 SwingAway Platform
  • The Bruno ASL 250 SwingAway auto lift is designed for both powerchairs and scooters with a maximum lifting capacity of 350 pounds.
  • This versatile auto lift can be installed on sedans, SUVs, minivans, full-sized vans, pickup trucks or crossovers with a Class II or III hitch.
  • Designed for easy operation, the ASL 250 Out-Sider features one button operation, has a low profile design for improved driver visibility and automatically folds up when not in use.
  • The superior designed platform of this auto lift is self-leveling and traction coated ensuring that you can drive on or off without needing to reverse.
  • The Swing-Away feature of the Bruno ASL 250 auto lift ensures that you can have complete access to your trunk, hatch or tailgate with the near 180 degree rotation of the platform when lifted.
  • This auto lift is both height and angle adjustable and can be reinstalled on another vehicle.
  • The Bruno ASL 250 auto lift is eligible for reimbursement under the terms of Mobility Programs offered by most major auto manufacturers.
Bruno VSL 570 Big Lifter (Select Models Only)
  • The Bruno Big Lifter auto lift is designed to lift power chairs and scooters up to 400 pounds.
  • With vehicle specific mounting created for hundreds of models of SUVs, crossovers and full-sized vans, you are sure to get the customized fit you desire.
  • Convenience is built in to this auto lift. You can load your powerchair from behind, at the corner or the side of your vehicle.
  • The Fold-Down Lift Head design of the Bruno VSL 570 auto lift ensures the driver has maximum visibility and that there is maximum storage space in your vehicle.
  • Convenience and easy use is built in with the adjust height, power raise/lower feature, adjustable length/angle lift head and hand-held pendant controls.
  • The Bruno VSL 570 Big Lifter auto lift is eligible for mobility program rebates from auto manufacturers.
Bruno VSL 4000 Joey
  • The Joey Interior Platform lift offers an innovative alternative to other auto lift products.
  • This interior platform auto lift installs in most vehicle’s third row seating pockets eliminating the needs for drilling and retaining your vehicle’s resale value.
  • The easy to use features of the Bruno VSL 4000 auto lift includes one button, hand held pendant operation with indicator light, easy drive on/drive off platform, and fully powered operation.
  • The Joey auto lift works equally well with 3 and 4 wheel scooters, mid-wheel drive powerchairs, and front-wheel and rear-wheel powerchairs.
  • Safety features of the Joey auto lift include the door safety switch, manual backup, retractable belt option, and obstruction sensing plate.
  • The Bruno VSL 4000 can even be reinstalled in another vehicle and is eligible for auto manufacturers rebates.
Bruno VSL 6900 Curbsider with Telescoping Arm
  • The Bruno VSL 6900 Curbsider auto lift has a maximum lifting capacity of 400 pounds allowing you to transport virtually any powerchair or scooter.
  • The ability to load from the curbside or bumper ensures you have the convenience and easy access you need.
  • Power lifting and power rotation make operation of the Bruno VSL 6900 Curbsider auto lift effortless.
  • The Telescoping Lift Head ensures you have the additional space you need to accommodate larger powerchairs and scooters.
  • Partial 3rd row seating or cargo space is still available with the Curbsider 6900 Auto lift’s Fold Down Lift Head.
  • Virtually maintenance-free operation with the new Direct Gear Drive Technology.
  • Also features a scratch resistant finish and compact design.
  • The Bruno VSL 6900 is eligible for reimbursement under the terms of Mobility Programs offered by most major auto manufacturers.
Harmar AL600 (Select Models Only)
  • The Harmar AL600 interior platform gives you the convenience of a drive on/drive off platform with the benefits of an interior auto lift.
  • This auto lift is compatible with most mini-vans, full-sized vans and SUVs and allows 2nd row seating to remain intact.
  • The AL600 connects to most third row seating hardware preventing the need for additional drilling.
  • The AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift can accommodate nearly any powerchair or scooter available has a lifting capacity of up to 350 pounds.
  • The adjustable platform of this auto lift ensures that you will not need to make modifications to your scooter or powerchair.
  • The remote hand controls makes operating this auto lift easy.
Harmar AL500
  • Harmar’s most popular outside platform auto lift, the AL500, can carry nearly any powerchair on the market.
  • The four self-tensioning Q’Straint retractors are easy to use and secure your powerchair.
  • The superior design of this auto lift by Harmar ensures that no modifications to your powerchair are necessary for use.
  • The Harmar AL500 has a lifting capacity of 350 pounds.
  • Can be mounted on both Class II and III hitches.
  • There is also a swing-away option available for mini-vans and SUVs that ensures your trunk is easily accessible.
Harmar AL560
  • The Harmar AL560 Automatic Universal Powerchair lift is designed to carry the most popular powerchairs available today without any modifications.
  • Featuring a padded hold-down arm and an adjustable platform, this auto lift ensures your powerchair will be securely transported at all times.
  • The 350 pound lift capacity ensures that it can accommodate nearly any powerchair.
  • This auto lift automatically folds up when not in use for your convenience.
  • The Harmar AL560 can be mounted on both Class II and III hitches.

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