Wheelchair Lifts for Trucks

101 Mobility is proud to offer auto lifts designed specifically for pickup trucks. Our team of expert service technicians can bring you security and independence with our Bruno and Harmar models.

These reliable products, along with our weather-resistant bed cover, will keep you on the move with your scooter or powerchair in tow. Call today to begin your journey to newfound accessibility on the road!

Van Auto Lifts by Harmar and Bruno

If you are looking for an auto lift that can accommodate your pickup, look to 101 Mobility. We also offer the Pow’r Topper bed cover to keep your mobility device protected from the elements. Your local 101 Mobility professional is ready to answer your questions about pickup truck auto lifts.

Harmar AL435T, Harmar's Tailgater™ Lift

  • Harmar’s Tailgater™ Lift (Harmar AL435T) is ideal for power chair or wheelchair users who need to load or unload their scooter either curbside or over a pickup truck tailgate
  • It’s unique “Action Base” design provides greater clearance when loading scooters, wheelchairs, or power chairs into truck bed
  • Includes an upgraded offset arm to reach beyond the tailgate, motorized rotation, and powered boom extension
  • Adjustable limit switches automatically stop rotation to prevent contact with your pickup truck
  • Variable column height, arm adjustments, and adjustable base provide a custom fit
  • Weather-resistant auto lift that will provide years of reliable use
  • Tailgater™ wheelchair lift accommodates all pickup trucks
  • Available for passenger side use only
  • No structural modifications to your truck are needed
  • Battery pack and auto lift cover options available
  • Capable of lifting scooters, power chairs, and wheelchairs of up to 400 lbs.

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Bruno PUL 1100 Outrider
  • The Bruno PUL 1100 Outrider allows you to transfer your wheelchair or scooter to the bed of your pickup while you sit in the cab.
  • The PUL 1100 auto lift can transfer a variety of mobility devices including folding/rigid wheelchairs, powerchairs and scooters.
  • This auto lift has a lift capacity of 350 pounds/159 kg.
  • With the Bruno PUL 1100, your mobility device is conveniently stored next to the front seat and can be installed behind the passenger or driver.
  • The durable design of this auto lift is made to with stand exposure to the elements.
  • The PUL 1100 Outrider is fully automatic and the hand held pendant ensures this auto lift is always easy to operate.
  • No structural modifications to your truck are needed to install the PUL 1100 Outrider.
  • The PUL 1100 Outrider auto lift is eligible for reimbursement under the terms of Mobility Programs offered by most major auto manufacturers.

Harmar AL435T
  • Same design as Equalizer 3 with upgraded offset arm to extend reach beyond tailgate
  • Weather resistant for exterior environments
  • Docking device included
  • Available for passenger side only

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