About Us

101 Mobility acts as a beacon of freedom, independence and hope.

101 Mobility was created by Luke Sampson and Keith Barnhardt in 2008 to deliver mobility and accessibility solutions to an underserved yet growing market of people that are faced with limited physical mobility.

What started as a small, Wilmington, North Carolina-based company is now a nationally-trusted resource for families and businesses who want to improve accessibility within their realm. Where there are restrictions, limitations, challenges and frustrations, your 101 Mobility local team expertly designs and installs the most favorable solutions from a wide range of mobility products.

But the true power of the 101 Mobility brand is its people – the experts, the problem solvers, the trusted allies that work hard every day to deliver the best solutions and value to their clients. And they do it with sensitivity, caring and responsiveness – it’s their mission to stand by a client’s side and be there whenever they need them. And that is how we change lives for the better.

Operate With Integrity

Customer Care

Exceed Expectations

Be Available

Be Passionate

National Accounts & Strategic Partnerships

For organizations requiring accessibility solutions in one or more locations, our Strategic Partnerships Program acts as a singular point of reference for all your needs.

Benefits of our program include:

  • Consistency

    You can expect the same, high level of quality and service from both our products and expertly-trained technicians — no matter the location.

  • Local Partner

    All 101 Mobility locations are locally owned and operated while being backed by a national organization.

  • Customization

    We’ll work with you to determine your customers needs and tailor a solution accordingly.

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