“Epic” Home Makeover: “Sunshine,” 101 Mobility Reveal Remodel for Connor Bode

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101 Mobility of North Georgia assists “Sunshine on a Ranney Day” in home makeover for special needs teen.

Special Needs Teen Home Makeover

Parents Martie (left), Conrad (right) take a picture with Connor (center)

The front yard lay scattered: a few firetrucks, a large inflatable slide, one police car, a shaved ice truck, and people as far as the eye could see. However, it was what happened inside the house that truly makes the story.

Connor Bode, a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy, received an entire fireman-themed bedroom makeover courtesy of charity organization “Sunshine on a Ranney Day.” The reveal took place July 11th at his family’s home in Jefferson, Georgia.

“The reveal day was an epic day for our family,” said Martie Bode, Connor’s mother. “We were surrounded by family, friends, neighbors, and a loving community. It was an emotionally gratifying day.”

Special Needs Teen Home Makeover

Connor uses his lift for the first time after the big reveal

Along with the help of many donations and supporters, Sunshine on a Ranney Day converted Connor’s bedroom and bathroom into a larger, more accessible space, complete with a ceiling lift.

Martie expressed that “The room renovations were more than we could have ever dreamed of. We are beyond grateful to everyone who had a hand in making Connor’s makeover such a memorable and special day.”

Special Needs Teen Home Makeover

101 Mobility of North Georgia

101 Mobility in North Georgia, a leading provider of mobility solutions in the area, provided the ceiling lift’s installation as a free donation for the project.

Wayne Offenhauer and Mike Glennon of the company completed the two-day installation of a Liko patient lift. The device allows Connor’s parents to easily lift him in a sling from his bed to the bathroom via a track system.

“We can’t thank 101 Mobility enough for providing and installing the Liko ceiling lift. The lift system has truly been life-changing for the Bode family,” Martie proclaimed.

Special Needs Teen Home Makeover

Garol Orr instructs Connor’s parents how to use the ceiling lift

Garol Orr, owner of 101 Mobility in North Georgia, said that she first reached out to Holly Ranney, founder of Sunshine on a Ranney Day, out of sheer admiration for her work.

“I contacted Holly and asked her if we could meet,” remembered Garol. “It’s a very cool thing that she does. She takes these rooms for children with disabilities and she turns them into dream rooms. They are just phenomenally beautiful.”

Garol soon discovered that Sunshine on a Ranney Day had a need for a patient lift for Connor’s project. Parents Martie and Conrad Bode were having a difficult time lifting Connor (who is almost

6-foot tall and weighs 120 pounds) into his shower chair, wheel-chair, and hospital bed.

Ceiling lift provides room-to-room transfers for Connor

Ceiling lift provides room-to-room transfers for Connor

“They didn’t know much about patient lifts, so I feel that we stepped into their life at the right time,” said Garol.

Martie expressed that, although Connor had never used a ceiling lift before, he and his family were now enjoying the benefits that it brings to their day-to-day routines.

“Everyday tasks of transferring Connor are simpler and safer with the new ceiling lift. Connor loves ‘riding’ in the lift and anticipates the transfer process as soon as he sees the green mesh sling. It gives us peace of mind knowing that Connor feels more secure and is more comfortable during and after a transfer.”

To Garol, the entire operation to help the Bode family was “very exciting and very gratifying.”

“I mean, we wish that every family that we worked with could have this,” she added. “It’s just amazing what this will be able to do for the family, just being able to help Connor safely get off his bed and into the bathroom, and be able to take a shower with so much more ease than what they’ve had in the past.”

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About Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Sunshine on a Ranney Day (also known as SOARD) is a non-profit based in Atlanta, Georgia. The organization works to provide dream rooms for children with long-term illnesses. Sunshine on a Ranney Day was founded in 2012 by Peter and Holly Ranney. For more information, visit

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