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Gift Ideas for Caregivers

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Caregivers are true renaissance men and women, helping with everything from running errands, paying bills, bathing, and house cleaning to providing emotional support. Often, caregivers are so focused on making their patient or loved one feel comfortable that they neglect their own needs or desires.

As you shop for the caregiver in your life, remember that lightening their burden is the best thing you can do. Below are some gift ideas to do just that!

Time $ – $$$$   Caregivers are mainly deprived of one thing – free time. The gift of time can be as simple as volunteering to cook dinner one night or as generous as providing in-home care for an extended period of time. If you choose to temporarily switch roles with the caregiver in your family, make sure that your home is accessible. 101 Mobility rents stair lifts, wheelchair ramps and vertical platform lifts for up to six months!

If you don’t know where to start, check out this article for some guidance from the experts.



Gift Certificates to A Fun Activity $ – $$$   Living Social and Groupon are two websites that offer discounted deals on activities for thrill-seekers and spectators alike. Purchase a few tickets for a sporting event, movie, pottery class, or wine tasting. The options are practically limitless; just try to make sure it is something that the caregiver in your life is either passionate about or always wanted to try.

pottery class


Kindle $$   Many caregivers regularly find themselves in drab waiting room after waiting room. Save your loved one from lugging around a ton of books or flipping through germy doctors’ office magazines by upgrading her or him to a tablet. A tablet will enable the caregiver in your life to watch blockbuster hits, rock out with a set of headphones or become lost in the latest bestselling eBook. Still Alice is a current bestseller that tells the story of a person diagnosed with Alzheimer.

Tablet for eBooks

Day Spa Retreat $$   Great things come in Spa Packages! Give the gift of much needed personal attention and rejuvenation. (Groupon and Living Social also have a ton of great spa deals.) 



Tote $   Who doesn’t love a fashion forward tote? Totes can be stylish and practical for someone who is constantly running errands for two. Be sure to pick something durable enough for when your caregiver is carrying a double load!

Tote from Victoria's Secret


Love is Priceless   Don’t ever underestimate the power of encouraging words. Send a heart-felt email or get crafty and explore DIY gift ideas on Pinterest.

Love Note

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