Stair Lift Cost: A Complete Guide for Consumers

We receive many calls from customers asking, “How much does a stair lift cost?” While we strive to be as transparent as possible, the reality is that there is no simple answer to this question. That’s because a stair lift is a highly technical piece of machinery, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Straight Stair Lift Prices

Straight stair lift cost

Bruno Elan Straight Stair Lift

If your home has a straight stair case with about 12-14 steps, you should budget anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 to purchase a new stair lift. The average cost usually ends up in the middle of this range, between about $3,000 and $4,000. These prices include installation as well as a one-year service warranty.

Some of the cost variation is due to the variety of models and manufacturers that we offer. Just as with buying a car, different lifts have different base prices as well as unique available options. A stair lift in the $2,000 range will be a more basic model, purchased with the goal of transporting a user up and down a stair case. This type of unit may have limited options for add-ons. A stair lift that starts in the $3,500 range will be a higher-end model, and may have standard features such as a slimmer profile and higher weight capacity. It would also have additional customization options, such as power folding rail and seat material and color options to better match your home’s décor.

While this cost may seem high at first, it is important to consider the costs of alternatives. You could move out of your multi-story home in favor of a single-story unit, but this comes with realtor fees, closing costs, and moving costs, not to mention the emotional cost of giving up your home and neighborhood. If you were to move into an assisted living facility, you would pay $3,500 per month, on average – at that rate, a lift would have paid itself off after just the first month! Nursing home costs are even higher, averaging $7,500 per month for a private room. By comparison, the cost is trivial and comes with the added benefit of staying comfortable and independent in the home you love!

DIY Stair Lifts

Professional stair lift installation included in cost

Professional stair lift installation ensures that the unit operates safely, and is included in the cost of a new stair lift

Want to save money by installing your stair lift yourself? You might want to think again. Many online retailers have popped up promising bargain prices for lifts sold over the web with the expectation that the customer will perform a DIY installation. However, stair lifts are complex pieces of machinery and should not be treated like toaster ovens and coffee makers. We often receive calls from people who were lured in by the low cost, only to find that the stair lift does not fit their stair case or the unit does not work correctly. Even worse, the seller offers no assistance or stops responding altogether, while the customer is stuck with a dysfunctional, dangerous piece of machinery.

At 101 Mobility, we do not support the DIY stair lift model. We care about our customers’ safety, which is why each of our stair lifts comes with professional installation – our installers undergo thorough training from our manufacturers before installation anything in a customer’s home. We also include our one year service warranty to keep your stair lift running like-new while providing additional peace of mind. Whether your lift needs routine maintenance or you have a question days, months, or even years down the road, you can count on us to be there for you.

Stair Lift Rentals

Stair Lift Rentals are available at a reduced cost for short term use

This straight stair lift from Harmar was installed for short-term rental use

Sometimes you only need a stair lift for a short period of time, whether you’re recovering from a surgery or need to accommodate mom while she visits for the holidays. That’s why we offer a selection of our straight stair lifts for rental, often with terms as short as three months. Prices vary depending on rental inventory and customer requirements, but often range between about $250 – $500 per month. This economical option ensures that nobody needs to struggle through a short-term need.

Pre-Owned Stair Lifts

cost of pre-owned stair lift

Pre-Owned Stair Lifts are often available for a lower cost

We offer a variety of lightly used lifts for sale at a discounted price. These are typically units that had been previously rented out but are still in like-new condition. Our inventory of used stair lifts fluctuates, but if you let our consultants know you are interested in refurbished options we will do our best to identify a unit to fit your needs. Cost varies based on the make and model of the unit, but is often between $500 to $1,000 less than retail price. They are still backed by our expert installation so you can be sure that your lift is set up to run safely and reliably.

Custom Stair Lift Prices (for Stairways with Curves, Turns, or Landings)

cost of a custom curved stair lift

Bruno Elite Custom Curved Stair Lift fits the unique turns of this staircase

 Some homes have more complex stairways with curves or landings, where a straight rail stair lift simply will not fit. If this sounds like your home, worry not – you still have options! We offer models that are meant to be customized to fit your home’s unique staircase, so they can accommodate nearly any stairway. These models are referred to as “custom curved stair lifts”.

Because of the customized nature of these models, they often cost more than the standard straight rail stair lifts. Prices typically begin at about $10,000, and can increase depending on the complexity of the staircase, such as total length and number of landings, and any additional features selected to meet your needs. Despite the higher cost, it is important to consider that a custom stair lift will still pay itself off in only a few months in comparison to the cost of an assisted living facility.  For someone who uses a stair lift for just five years, the average cost would be under $200 / month – a nominal fee for the ability to stay comfortably in the home you love!

Outdoor Stair Lift Prices

Outdoor stair lift cost

Curved and straight stair lifts are available for outdoor use as well

For outdoor staircases, such as patio steps, decks, and docks, we offer a variety of outdoor stair lifts. Just like their indoor counterparts, outdoor lifts are available with standard straight rails or custom curved rails. They are specifically suited to withstand the elements, such as cold weather, rain, and salt air, and come with seat covers to keep the chair as well as the rider safe from sun on rain. Pricing varies, but straight outdoor lifts typically cost between $3,500 and $6,500. Outdoor curved stair lift prices start at $12,000 and can increase depending on the length and complexity of the stair case.

Next Steps

contact us for stair lift cost information

Contact us for more information about the cost of a stair lift

Indoor or outdoor, straight or curved, we have a stair lift to fit your staircase. Contact us to talk to an expert and schedule a free consultation, where we will talk to you about your needs and assess the staircase and surrounding area in order to help you find the best stair lift for your home.


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    I am considering the purchase of a home with 40 steps in the backyard. There are 3 platforms making it 4 flights of 10 steps. Before the purchase, I just want to know if it will be possible to put in a lift at some point. The realtor thinks this can be done for about $10,000. True?

    1. Jessica Solimando  May 31, 2019

      it is certainly possible to install an outdoor stairlift on your stairs. We would need some more information about the area and the exact layout in order to provide pricing information. Please contact us to speak with one of our experts!

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