Wheelchair lift guide for vans, sedans, pickup trucks, and SUVs

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If you want to get out on the roads but need to take your wheelchair, scooter, or power chair with you, a wheelchair lift for your car could make things easier. Below are key features for the three most common types of wheelchair liftsRead on to see whether a Hitch Lift, Curbside Lift, or Hybrid Lift is the right solution for you or your loved one:

There are two main factors when considering an auto lift:

  1. The make and model of your vehicle
  2. The type of mobility device you use (wheelchair, power chair, scooter, etc.)

Hitch Lifts

Hitch lifts come in various models and styles and contain a durable platform for your mobility device. Simply roll onto a platform, and your wheelchair, power chair, or scooter is lifted and secured behind your vehicle. For trunk access, a “swing away” button swings the platform to the side. When traveling without a mobility device, the platform folds to save space and minimize road hazards.
*The primary concern for a hitch lift is if the vehicle’s hitch can support the lift and mobility device.

Curbside Lifts


Curbside lifts are installed in the back passenger side of the car. Curbside lift users simply pull up to a sidewalk, push a button, and a telescoping arm grasps and smoothly guides the wheelchair or scooter into the vehicle. A curbside lift is an ideal choice for caregivers or family members to use.
*Unfortunately, this lift eliminates third-row seating.

Hybrid Lifts


Hybrid Lifts are the most user-friendly lifts as well as the most durable. The hybrid lift is a wheelchair lift that lifts, secures, and stores your mobility device in the trunk of your car, away from the elements. The hybrid lift is ideal for wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters.
*Like the crane lift, the hybrid lift eliminates third-row seating.

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From all of us at 101 Mobility, enjoy your road trip!

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