Wisconsin Woman Donates Stair Lift to Stranger in Need

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101 Mobility, Rebuilding Together connect a lift donation to a well-deserving recipient.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – For Mary, taking on three flights of stairs each day wasn’t an easy feat, especially when dealing with issues from limited mobility. And staying on one level wasn’t an option either, seeing as her living quarters and bathroom were on two different floors entirely.

“I was having to go up the stairs 8 to 10 times per day… at least,” Mary described. “It took quite a while due to my knee and back issues. I had to use my good knee and just take it one step at a time.”

Without the funds necessary to make any changes to her Wisconsin home, Mary didn’t know what to do.

That’s when she decided to reach out to Rebuilding Together Greater Milwaukee for help, a local non-profit that renovates and revitalizes homes for those in need.

Working in a collective partnership together, 101 Mobility in Greater Milwaukee and Rebuilding Together were able to offer Mary a stair lift for her home, completely free of charge, on December 3rd.

Stair Lift Donation

Mary Enjoying Her Stair Lift Donation

“This stair lift is very easy to use,” Mary explained. “I wish I had this 2-3 years ago!”

The lift itself was even a donation, being given by Chris in New Berlin, whose mother passed away shortly after purchasing the product for her.

Chris expressed that she wanted to donate the equipment in order to honor her parents’ memory. After her father’s service in the U.S. military, her parents had made many generous donations throughout their lifetime to help other veterans.

“Although we asked to buy it back from Chris, she said to just donate it to someone in need,” said Donna Dziewik, owner of 101 Mobility in Milwaukee. “She just wanted it to go to someone who could use it.”

101 Mobility’s mobility specialists were able to clean up and reinstall the stair lift, which was in great condition, to perfectly fit Mary’s main staircase.

After the installation, Mary was “smiling ear-to-ear” because of her newfound accessibility. “It was a special moment when we saw the happiness on Mary’s face and knew we were able to make a difference in her life,” Dziewik expressed.

“It must have been meant for me, because I’m so happy… so happy,” Mary added with a laugh. “I mean, it could have been anyone who received this donation; so I’m just so happy to get it.”

Mary said that she wanted Chris to know that she was “eternally grateful” for her donation.

Dziewik went on to say that she enjoys working with Rebuilding Together due to the organization’s passionate and caring nature.

“I met the CEO, Lynnea Katz-Petted, a while back and was so impressed with their organization,” she commented. “They make a difference in people’s lives that are less fortunate and have little resources to improve their living situation.”

“They do a lot of good for the people in our community.”

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