Aqua Creek Patriot Portable Pool Lift

The Patriot lift is a fully portable aquatic lift, and the only lift of its kind to meet ADA guidelines. Its anchorless design enables The Patriot to be extremely mobile, and placed at any one of your pools edges. Its ability to be used in deep draft pools makes The Patriot viable in depths of up to 12 feet, enabling you to enjoy all aspects of your pool. The Patriot also has the bonus of being the strongest lift of its kind on the market, able of carrying a 375lb load. Being a highly unique and adaptable design, The Patriot is sure to be of use at any aquatic center or residential pool.

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  • Verified to meet ADA standards for commercial use
  • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs (170 kg)
  • Powered by 24 V battery
  • All stainless-steel construction to ensure the absence of rust or corrosion in an outdoor setting
  • Powder-coat finish to ensure durability and maximize elemental resistance
  • Flip-up armrests to ensure of comfortable and ergonomic experience
  • Removable and adjustable footrest ensures the rider is secured, while providing a comfortable ride
  • Water-resistance handset
  • Backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s 5-year structural warranty and 5-year pro-rated electronics warranty
  • Weight Capacity: 375 lbs (170 kg)
  • Powered by: 24 V battery (Battery charger used on all Aqua Creek lifts)
  • Maximum water draft: 12” (3.65 m)
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Safety Features
    • Chest strap to make sure no excessive movement occurs during transit
    • Seat belt that comes standard and keeps the passenger in place
    • Adjustable footrest to provide a safe and comfortable experience for individuals of all sizes
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Back up battery in case of primary battery failure
    • Concrete base or ballast tank to provide for extra stability
  • Patriot Lift dimensions:
    • Height 42.5” by Width 51.63” (1079mm by 1311mm)
  • Chest strap – Restrains users along the chest during lifting for optimum safety
  • Counter-weight – Patriot can be counter-weighted via two different methods:
    • Ballast tank – Lift is counter-weighted using a sand ballast system. Setback range: 9” – 12” (229 mm – 305 mm)
    • Concrete weight – Lift is counter-weighted using concrete weight. Setback range: 9” – 14” (229 mm – 355.6 mm)
  • Cover – Drapes over pool lift when not in use for storage and weather protection
  • Cycle attachment – Converts lifts into aqua therapy bike for convenient exercise in the pool
  • Electronics cover – Covers the electronic components of lift for machine protection
  • Headrest – Attaches to seat for extra head and neck support
  • Pull-out leg rest – Provides adjustable leg support for optimum comfort
  • Solar charger – Allows battery to charge via solar power for extended battery life and added convenience
  • Transport cart – Provides an easy and convenient tool for transporting lift
  • Upgrade pack – Includes lift cover, extra battery, chest strap, padded headrest and transport cart for optimum comfort and convenience while using the lift
  • Upgrade Pack:
    • Lift cover
    • Extra Battery
    • Chest strap
    • Padded headrest

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