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Home Accessibility Products

101 Mobility of Phoenix offers the widest selection of commercial and home accessibility products. Whether aging in place at home or helping patrons safely access your business, 101 Mobility has the expertise and product catalog to fit your needs.

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From straight to custom curved, we offer the widest selection of professionally installed stairlift solutions to provide safe travel up and down the stairs – indoor and out.

Platform Lifts

Our vertical and incline platform lifts empower you to get from floor to floor without leaving your wheelchair or power chair.

Patient Lifts

Transfers are made safe and simple thanks to our array of patient lifts, including ceiling installed lifts and portable lifts.

Wheelchair Ramps & Handrails

Any home or business can become accessible with our supply of the most trusted threshold, aluminum modular, and portable ramps.

Home Elevators

Home elevators are an elegant and reliable addition for those looking to facilitate easy travel through their homes.

Bath Safety

Our selection of grab bars, toilet frames, and transfer benches ensure safety while in the bathroom.

Automatic Door Opener

Our Open Sesame Residential Door System allows easy access to every room in your home.

Pool & Spa Lifts

Nobody should be landlocked. Our Array of pool and spa lifts can be easily installed on nearly any deck surface to provide full aquatic accessibility for everybody.

Lift Chairs

We offer an assortment of durable recliner lift chairs, varying in color, and features to suit your style and support requirements.

Power Scooters & Chairs

The power of mobility is in your hands. We offer a wide variety of power chairs and scooters that grant you the accessibility, control, and independence you need to keep moving.

Auto Lifts

We offer the widest selection of interior and exterior auto lifts to make transporting your mobility device easy and convenient.

Wheelchair Lifts

101 Mobility offers a variety of wheelchair lifts to help you lift your wheelchair into vehicles, up stairs, and over doorways at home and on-the-go.

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