Commercial Pool and Spa Lifts

Whether for water therapy or warm-weather enjoyment, everyone deserves access to pools and spas.

101 Mobility’s commercial pool and spa lifts are available in a variety of styles and functionalities to suit any deck surface and decor. Whether for a hotel, public pool, or rehabilitation center, our pool and spa lifts enable safe and reliable water access for everyone.

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About Commercial Pool and Spa Lifts

Make a splash with a commercial Pool Lift

Nobody should be denied access to water’s incredible healing powers. Whether as part of an aquatic therapy program or to simply cool off on a hot day, nothing should come between guests and your facility’s pool. Commercial pool lifts from 101 Mobility are available in a range of styles and colors, and with a variety of features to suit your facility’s specific needs.

Why choose Commercial Pool & Spa Lifts from 101 Mobility?

  • They provide safe and simple pool access for hotels, community centers, rehabilitation centers, and other facilities
  • They are compatible with nearly any pool or spa’s deck with little-to-no surface modifications
  • They can be upholstered to suit your pool or spa’s aesthetic
  • They are suitable for a variety of different user positions, weights, and procedures thanks to a wide range of available accessories
  • They can fold up to provide extra space on the pool deck when not in use
  • They meet criteria for making your public pool or spa ADA-compliant and fully accessible
  • They’re backed by The 101 Mobility One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty