Commercial Platform Lifts & LU/LA Elevators

Provide full access to your building for wheelchair and power chair users.

Whether you’re looking for a platform lift or a LU/LA elevator, 101 Mobility has your solution to empower safe floor-to-floor travel and full use of all your space.

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About Commercial Platform Lifts & LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA Elevators

LU/LA (Limited Use / Limited Application) Elevators provide affordable, space-saving alternatives to standard commercial elevators for low-rise commercial spaces. With their small footprints and high capacities, LU/LA elevators ensure your guests can seamlessly navigate through your space.

Give your guests a lift with a LU/LA Elevator

Limited Use / Limited Application Elevators offer the ideal solution for low-rise commercial spaces. They provide seamless transportation vertically between levels like a standard elevator, but with a myriad of additional benefits.

Why choose LU/LA Elevators from 101 Mobility?

  • They have smaller footprints than standard elevators, saving you space
  • They have fewer restrictions and requirements, saving you money in construction and inspection costs
  • They meet requirements for providing handicap access to commercial buildings
  • They are available in a variety of styles to suit your building’s aesthetic
  • They’re backed by The 101 Mobility One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty

Commercial Platform Lifts

VPLs (Vertical Platform Lifts) and IPLs (Inclined Platform Lifts) from 101 Mobility provide access to customers and their mobility devices while taking up less space than commercial elevators. For schools, offices, and other small commercial spaces, wheelchair lifts from 101 Mobility offer the ideal solution to make your building accessible to all.

Don’t let stairs get between your and your customers.

Commercial Platform Lifts can travel vertically between levels (VPLs) or along the incline of an existing staircase (IPLs). They provide seamless access to your facility for clients as well as their mobility scooters, wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and other mobility devices.

Why choose Wheelchair Lifts from 101 Mobility?

  • They are compatible with a variety of facilities, such as office buildings, houses of worship, schools, and restaurants
  • They provide reliable transitions between levels for all of your facility’s visitors
  • They can accommodate high weight thresholds to transport a wide range of mobility devices, from manual wheelchairs to heavy duty power scooters and more
  • Their built-in safety features include back-up batteries and under-platform safety sensors
  • They’re backed by The 101 Mobility One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty