Rental Products

A mobility need can be pressing and short-term at the same time. Our individual product rental programs are flexible to your situation, all in the effort to make everyday living enjoyable again for you and your loved ones.

What are some of the benefits of renting a mobility product?

  • It’s cost effective
    Renting a mobility solution is less expensive in the short term than buying a completely new product. Because it is designed for temporary use, the product’s cost will be less than purchasing it outright.
  • It’s flexible
    Don’t like it? No worries! Without the commitment that comes with buying and owning a new product, switching out models and brands is easier.
  • It’s temporary
    When you’re done using your mobility product, we’ll arrange for removal at your convenience.
  • It comes with 101 Mobility’s excellent service
    Have a question about your rental? Is there a problem with the equipment? 101 Mobility is one phone call away and will be onsite to address any issues or inquiries as soon as possible.

Contact your local 101 Mobility office today to see what rental products are available in your area.

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