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101 Mobility makes your job easier! With the largest comprehensive selection of products and expertise, we are passionate about helping injured workers and their caregivers live life to the fullest. That’s why we are the nation’s leading provider of mobility and accessibility equipment.

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We offer sales, rentals, service, and installation of products and solutions such as:

Modular & Portable Ramps

The 101 Mobility Modular Ramp Systems are designed to ADA Standards, making them safe and suitable for residential and commercial applications.

Our modular ramps combine rugged durability with a clean, modern appearance and can be configured to suit nearly any application.

We also offer portable ramps, which are available in a range of lengths for quick deployment and easy access for small inclines.

We offer rental and purchase options for all of our ramp systems to suit your specific needs.

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Staircases can be extremely challenging – dangerous, even – for individuals with mobility or balance issues. Stairlifts provide safe solutions to help those individuals safely access all levels of their homes.

We offer a range of stairlift types, including units for straight staircases, complex curved staircases, and outdoor staircases, from the nation’s leading stair lift manufacturers. We also offer a comprehensive stairlift rental program for short-term needs.

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Vertical Platform Lifts (''Porch Lifts'')

Vertical Platform Lift for a Porch

Vertical Platform Lifts, sometimes referred to as “Porch Lifts”, give wheelchair and scooter users access to all levels of the home. With a wide variety of styles and models, 101 Mobility has a platform lift to suit your needs and your space.

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Auto Lifts

Our auto lifts can be attached inside the cargo area of a vehicle or attached to a vehicle’s hitch for safe and secure transportation of a power wheelchair, scooter, or manual wheelchair.

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Patient Lift Systems

We offer a range of patient lift systems, including overhead lifts, mobile lifts, and sit-to-stand lifts. With a range of available sling styles, we have a solution to fit your patient lifting needs and keep transfers safe for both patients and their caregivers.

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Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Door Openers can be installed on any interior or exterior door to provide safe, secure hands-free transitions.

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Bathroom Modifications

Our experts can modify any bathroom to suit your needs. From simple additions such as grab bars and toilet transfer seats to more complex renovations including barrier-free showers and door widening, we can help.

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We’re Local and Close to You.

With over 75 locations across the US, we have an office to serve you. Contact to learn more about 101 Mobility and find out how we can help you.

“Jenny was so helpful in getting a ramp set up for one of my injured workers. It [the modular ramp] was done sooner than I could have expected, given how little notice I gave them. It was very clear their goal was the same as mine, to get this individual home safely. They really helped make that a reality. I look forward to working with 101 Mobility again in the future.”

Sarah L.Complex Injury Nurse Case Manager

“Quick response, [101 Mobility] understands the urgency of the request. Goes the extra mile to take care of my clients.”

Barry W.Business Development Manager on behalf of an Injured Worker

“I wanted to take a minute and write a follow up on my experience in working with the installation team. The two gentlemen that came out to install my new lift were outstanding. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs the type of products and services they offer.”


“We wanted to surprise them with a stair lift so our son in-law had access to their lower level . What a pleasure working with the staff at 101 Mobility from the receptionist to the managers. The installer was very prompt and did a fantastic job of installation.”


Why Choose 101 Mobility?

  • We’re Local: we have over 75 locations throughout the country, each with a wide service area
  • We’re Professional: our brand standards emphasize communication, quality of work, and promptness
  • We’re a One-Stop Shop: we rent, sell, install and provide ongoing service and support
  • We Have Multiple Options: we represent the nation’s leading manufacturers, so we can deliver the best solution for any situation
  • We Offer Free On-Site Evaluations: our in-house experts perform thorough site assessments and provide comprehensive quotes
  • We Have Quality Installers: all product installations are performed by our team of highly trained and certified Mobility Specialists
  • We Believe in Customer Service: we work for you to deliver a prompt, professional, and accurate solution backed by our signature service warranty

The bottom line: Our goal is to be easy to do business with.

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