How to Choose the Right Ramp

How to Choose the Right Ramp

  Let’s face it, most individuals will need to research a ramp at some point in their lives.  Whether for a visiting friend,  temporary use after a surgery, an older relative who is struggling with stairs, an ageing pet, or one of numerous other scenarios, we will likely all find ourselves involved in the decision-making process...

On The Right Track (Ziplines and Ceiling Lifts)


(This blog post is a contribution from Kindra French, owner of 101 Mobility in San Diego.) A few years ago, we took the kids on a family adventure to the Costa Rican rainforest. Days spent exploring the sights and sounds of the jungle underneath a verdant canopy were amazing. From tiny cobalt blue and cranberry red and electric green tree frogs to...

Music Festival ADA Accessibility: 2016 Guide

Music Festival Accessibility 2016

Do you consider yourself a music lover? Then consider a music festival! Whether you’re into indie, electronic, pop, hip hop, or rock, there is likely a music festival out there that hosts several of your favorite bands. Seeing them play live over the course of a day (or several days) can be quite an exhilarating experience. Every year...

America is Aging: But Are We Ready?

America is Aging

As Americans, we don’t like to think of ourselves as growing older. So what do we do when we find our first grey hair? We hit the gym, eat right, and try to block the thought out of our mind as long as possible. Some of us even turn 39 two or three years in a row! But the truth is we are all aging. This is especially true for America, who...


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